The On-Fire psychometric was developed for use in the financial services industry to assess the match between candidates and specific service line roles and requirements. The measure has been independently validated by the University of Waikato (New Zealand) via a study of over 300 financial service professionals. The psychometric comprises 47 questions and is completed on-line via the Critical Thinking Consultancy website. A ‘traffic light’ report is produced and sent to the commissioning person (usually a HR professional) to provide empirical evidence of the degree of fit between the candidate and the role.

Typically the On-Fire assessments are used in bulk recruitment intakes for firms e.g. in between university graduation and appointment as an associate. However they can also be utilized to assess lateral hires as required. In situations where the right person is thought to be in the wrong role, the On-Fire tool can be used to determine whether other service lines could be more suitable for the candidate.