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Our approach and all programme content is based on up to date scientific research. Our programmes and seminars are designed by experienced Clinical and Corporate Psychologists who are highly-trained behavioural change experts. This means an empirically-based approach, which is combined with awareness about what works. In other words, we can create the perfect blend for you, not just ‘old wine in new bottles’.

When you need experts to assist with behavioural change, it's time to call us. We are trained scientific practitioners who understand the complex factors that contribute to, and drive, human behaviour. We can help you clarify why people act the way they do and use the latest scientific research to provide innovative solutions. We are able to consider beliefs held, habits and coping styles individuals have learned over time; all within the context of the biological, social and environmental factors that impact on success. As Clinical Psychologists we are experienced in explaining causal factors and behaviour change in a clear, pragmatic manner to help you and your organisation achieve success.

We are focused on what research shows works and will not sell you the latest fad. This means we stand by what we deliver over time. Put simply, we are highly trained experts around helping people to think and act differently.

Leadership Development

We work to help you to explore your strengths and specific challenges you face on your path to becoming an effective leader. We help you identify blocks in your path to leadership success, understanding your brand, and your strengths while remaining authentic to your leadership style.

Mental Health First Aid

A healthy workplace starts with healthy and supported staff. Just as with physical first aid, not everyone in an organisation needs to be trained in mental health first aid. Mental Health First Aid will assist staff to Recognise, Respond, and Refer

Professional Behaviour

There is an implicit assumption that university graduates will emerge from their professional training in a state that is ready to take on all the demands of modern day life and work. We work with your staff to further their self-management and self-care in the corporate environment


We are happy to discuss the range of consultancy we can provide across specialist areas. Get in touch and let’s see how we can add value to you and your organization.

Match Candidates with Service Lines

The On-Fire psychometric was developed for use in the financial services industry to assess the match between candidates and specific service line roles and requirements. The measure has been independently validated by the University of Waikato (New Zealand) via a study of over 300 financial service professionals.